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Welcome to Insight Therapy Centre in Leeds, Yorkshire

The Insight Therapy Centre is a centre of excellence that brings together a range of highly qualified and experienced practitioners.

We hold a holistic view on health and recognise that in order to feel well we need to balance physical, mental, emotional and occupational aspects of our lives. Our clients are able to access a range of professionals from psychology, nutrition and dietetics, acupuncture, massage, and occupational therapy.

All of our practitioners are specialists in their fields and have been selected for their nationally recognised work or contribution to their profession. 

We aim to provide a welcoming experience and will be happy to help you find the treatment that suits you best.

Psychological Therapies:

Clinical Psychology
Cognitive Behaviour Psychotherapy
Nutrition and Dietetics
Occupational Therapy
Complementary Therapies:

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
Emotional Freedom Technique
Massage including Thai Oil Massage
To book a consultation, please telephone 0800 690 6838.
“Occupational therapy was a real eye opener to me. My only other experience of it was people at work who had a bad back! But in reality it was a really proactive, practical process. It's not just counselling, but a way of changing how you think. Between sessions it was clear that Kate would take time to think about her clients and plan further sessions based on needs. Everything was personalised and it never felt like a generic session. The homework activities make you constantly think and reflect rather than it just being something you do once a week in the sessions. For me the biggest impact was in terms of sleep. Kate was able to support me to develop much better sleep hygiene and this had a profound impact on how I felt during the day. Because it's such a practical process, the strategies you use stay with after your sessions finish and it really empowers you to make lasting change.”
Louise, Leeds.
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